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Former ILU Members should with any enquiries regarding the ILU Levy, Letters of Credit or Guarantees use the following details to contact us.

The Institute of London Underwriters  Tel:    020 7617 5458
8th Floor, 1 Minster Court  
Mincing Lane, London  Fax:   020 7929 2928
EC3R 7AA  
Registered in England No: 19900  
Registered Office: c/o International Underwriting Association
1 Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AA

Click here to email the ILU.

Enquiries regarding former ILU members' claims should be made to the IUA.

The International Underwriting Association of London Limited
London Underwriting Centre
1 Minster Court
Mincing Lane
London EC3R 7AA 

Former ILU staff members with queries regarding their pension should contact:

Mike MacGregor
UK Pensions Manager
Xchanging Ltd
The Walbrook Building
25 Walbrook

Email: mike.macgregor@xchanging.com

Or click here to email the ILU for telephone numbers.